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Very handsome brunette boy is having sex for money with stranger

What a day for a czech boy hunter! He met a guy who probably could be a photo-model – stylish, tall, brunette, with nice manners and incredibly cute. This guy extremely needed some extra cash and for him an offer from a hunter was like a gift. He agreed for everything.

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They went to nearby deserted area and started to do ‘everything’ just outdoors. First guy showed his low blowjob skills, but he was trying to do his best. And when hunter started to fuck him, our hero surprisingly was enjoying it so much and even got to his climax – he cum during the act. I guess he opened some hidden sides and now he will know for himself much better. What a day for both of the guys!


Cute guy in Prague sold his butt to a gay hunter

Czech hunter just turned on his camera while he was walking to find some boy willing to talk on camera. He met a young man with cute face and funny hair who was studying Physical Education in a local university.

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Boy was friendly and kind. Seems like he extremely needed some cash because he agreed to sell himself without any hesitation. They decided to do it just outdoors nearby. After taking money he started to suck a huge cock of the hunter. Then this guy relaxed and let stranger to fuck him as hard as he wanted. In the end he got hot jizz straight on his face and was satisfied with money he got.


Brunette boy with lovely smile and czech hunter with a huge cock

To find some proper boy in the city center is a peculiar affair. In spite of being very crowded, our hunter meet almost only tourists and it is impossible to stop somebody so easy.

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Then he went to the place not so popular among tourists and met a British guy. We seemed quite nice, but became too worried about offers from the hunter. Also there were a guy who run butt-naked through a crowded street. And then he met a right guy. He was brunette with real cute face and lovely smile. He was a student and was interesting in making easy money. They started the conversation and very soon this young boy was blowing strangers cock with all of his mind.


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